The Virtual Teaching Commons is a resource for faculty and academic staff to:

  • share innovative teaching strategies,
  • explore current trends in teaching and learning pedagogy and technology,
  • build collaboration networks with fellow teaching staff,
  • investigate practices which foster active learning and student engagement,
  • discover professional development opportunities.

A Brief History

The Virtual Teaching Commons was conceived amidst the campus-wide dialogues, which occurred during UW-Milwaukee’s Digital Future Planning for 2025 Initiative. The Digital Future Teaching and Learning Working Group recommended the creation of a virtual teacher center, an online learning environment that would showcase and support pedagogical success at UWM.

The Virtual Teaching Commons was made possible with:

What’s Next

Future development of the Virtual Teaching Commons will expand on the already rich authoring platform and mobile-ready design to include:

  • Additional strategy examples to create a culture of teaching innovation
  • Asynchronous discussion platform to build a stronger teaching community
  • Feedback mechanisms to involve more instructors and develop more materials
  • Optional navigation to browse and find topics by categories and tags
  • Broad reaching event and deadline calendars to access to available resources
  • In-depth teaching guides and resources for self-paced learning and professional development

Special thanks to:

  • UW-Milwaukee’s Provost Office
  • UW-System Administration Digital Communications Web Team
  • UW-System Office of Professional and Instructional Development
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Staff:
    • David Delgado
    • Nicole Weber
    • Dylan Barth
    • Amy Mangrich