1. Think-Pair-Share

    Learning Strategy Purpose: Think-Pair-Share is a highly flexible active learning strategy that can utilized to achieve a wide range of intended purposes. Students are much more likely to engage and think about the question when the dialogue is reduced to pairs. In large class discussions, much fewer students actually speak to a larger class and

  2. Using Games for Peer Reviewed Writing Assignments

  3. Scaffolding Student Learning to Manage Instructor Workload

  4. Developing Engaging Learning Modules

  5. Web-based Team Project

  6. Flexible Learning Activities for Engaging and Supporting Students

  7. Increasing Student Engagement and Success in Online Courses through Enhanced, Flexible Learning Opportunities

    Instructor Rachel N. Baum Department/School/College Jewish Studies Intervention Overview In Spring 2015, I added a few elements to my online class that provided great rewards. The question I started with was simple: Could I create the engaged, active environment I wanted in my online course simply by creating opportunities for such engagement and providing students