1. Proactively Supporting Students to Enhance Student Motivation & Success

    Providing proactive support to students frequently during the process of learning without them having to ask for help is an evidence-based practice. Instructors can provide tailored, proactive support based on their students’ record of course engagement and performance. Proactive support may include instructional support (e.g., study strategies, help with concepts) and messages intended to shape

  2. Scaffolding Student Learning to Manage Instructor Workload

  3. Flexible Learning Activities for Engaging and Supporting Students

  4. Increasing Student Engagement and Success in Online Courses through Enhanced, Flexible Learning Opportunities

    Instructor Rachel N. Baum Department/School/College Jewish Studies Intervention Overview In Spring 2015, I added a few elements to my online class that provided great rewards. The question I started with was simple: Could I create the engaged, active environment I wanted in my online course simply by creating opportunities for such engagement and providing students