Instructor: Sally Stanton

Department/School/College: English Department, College of Letters and Science


Intervention Overview
This intervention focused on a game called “You’ve Got the Interview!” that challenged students to submit multiple drafts of an ongoing writing assignment for peer review and to encourage students to provide constructive and detailed comments for their peers. By achieving various point levels within the game, students could earn up to 2.5% extra credit added to their final grade. The purpose of this intervention was to increase student participation and interaction, to motivate students to improve their writing by seeking peer feedback, and to help students experience the value of helping one another, revising multiple drafts, and meeting deadlines. Although the student survey results were inconclusive, the instructor found value in the intervention and plans to implement the game in future semesters.

Title: ENG 205: Business Writing

Level: Undergraduate

Mode: Online

Session type: 16-week semester

Enrollment: 19 students



During the Intervention