Digital Arts

Instructor: Renato Umali

Department/School/College: Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres


Intervention Overview
Four times throughout the semester, students were asked to solve a course-related problem and post their answers to a D2L discussion board dedicated to the creation of interactive art projects. The instructor then produced a screencast that considered each student’s response, made connections among them, and revealed how the problem under examination worked. Students took a short, multiple-choice and true/false quiz about the screencast to encourage them to revisit the discussion. While this intervention did not seem to increase peer learning in the course, students appeared to benefit from the increase in instructor presence through the use of screencasts.

Title: Film 255: Intro to Digital Arts

Level: Undergraduate

Mode: Online

Session type: 16-week semester

Enrollment: 10 students



During the Intervention